6 natural oils for healthy skin

6 natural oils for healthy skin

6 best natural oils for smooth and healthy skin

It’s a common misconception that skin and oil don’t mix when it comes to skincare, but oils actually enhance the quality of your skin. The best oils to use on your face and body are free of chemicals, organic, and extracted from botanical sources. Here we take a look at the benefits of some of the best natural and essential oils for skin that’s healthy, smooth and radiant.

Almond Oil

More specifically called sweet almond oil, this is full of Vitamin E which blocks free radicals produced by toxins in the environment and helps slow down the skin’s ageing process. It’s also jam-packed with fatty acids that strengthen and smooth the skin’s surface, giving you that youthful and healthy glow. Almond oil is so deeply nourishing that it even helps diminish dark circles, wrinkles and stretch marks.




Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes with an impressive list of benefits when used topically on your skin. It’s anti-inflammatory (reduces blemishes and scars), antibacterial (deeply moisturising), antifungal (reduces dry skin) and antimicrobial (replenishes the natural skin barrier and protects against bacterial skin infections). Coconut oil also provides bonus sun protection with a natural SPF of 5.



Lavender Oil

A beautiful scent that promotes calmness, the goodness of lavender oil also extends to your skin. A potent antioxidant, it nourishes the skin by removing dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull and dehydrated, and in turn produces new skin cells, leaving your skin looking more supple and healthy-looking. Lavender oil is also a natural antiseptic used for acne and eczema treatment.



Olive Oil

This kitchen staple has been used since ancient times to maintain beautiful skin (Cleopatra was a fan). Olive oil is high in squalene, which mimics your skin’s natural oil and helps keep your skin barrier superbly soft and smooth. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidising and regenerative properties are highly beneficial to stressed or damaged skin.



Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil is a natural moisturiser that is highly effective in getting rid of dry, flaky skin while enabling your skin to retain moisture for longer periods of time. Patchouli oil contains phytochemicals, which make it very useful for treating skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, and its astringent qualities help scars and wounds heal better and faster.



Ylang Ylang Oil

Extracted from the flowers of the ylang ylang tree found in Asia and South Pacific, this sweet-smelling oil can be used for both dry and oily skin, as it evens out the imbalances of sebum production. A natural skin cell regenerator, it smoothes fine lines and improves skin elasticity.



With so many benefits and healing powers, having any of these face oil ingredients in your skincare products will be sure to get your skin looking and feeling its best. To heal your skin in a completely safe and natural way, start incorporating these natural moisturisers into your beauty regime today.

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